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Meet Tiffany - Bright Spots Peer Researcher

Tiffany, Bright Spots Peer Researcher

Tiffany helps enable care leavers across the nation to express their views and experiences, in order to improve the lives of present and future care leavers everywhere. 

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi, I’m Tiff. I would consider myself an ambitious, quirky 21-year-old with a pinch of Caribbean authenticity behind me.

I am currently an apprentice in business and admin support. I work successfully with North Somerset Council and co-operative partners to advocate and listen to the voices, thoughts and opinions of care leavers.

What’s your role as a Peer Researcher for Bright Spots? 

I managed to gather a group of care leavers from all backgrounds to discuss what questions they would like included in the Bright Spots ‘Your Life Beyond Care’ Survey. I enjoyed getting the opportunity to witness the care leavers of North Somerset come together to share opinions and project their own voices in a fun, safe, environment. I am extremely proud of my involvement in promoting the survey, resulting in a 61% response rate.

I hope by having such clear views, opinions and experiences shared with us we can listen to what care leavers' needs are, directly from the source, to more accurately express their opinions and voices across the nation - to better the lives of present and future care leavers everywhere.

What are your hopes for the future?

At this moment in my life I have a lot of hopes I wish to turn into reality.

I am looking forward to finishing my NVQ and gaining my qualifications; with the skills I have gained through this experience, I aspire to further prepare myself for future opportunities as a young professional keen to make a positive difference.

Moving on, whatever I decide to put my energy into, I am open to explore all areas. I will never limit myself, my talents or ambitions and will look beyond others’ tunnel vision of what I am capable of. 

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