Education and learning

What is important to children in care and care leavers?

The questions in our surveys were developed with children in care and care leavers, to reflect the things they felt made their lives good.

Children and young people emphasised the importance of school and learning.  

Children in care are asked questions about whether they:

  • Like school.
  • Are afraid to go to school/college because of bullying.
  • Are supported to help bullying stop.
  • Adults they live with take an interest in their education.
  • They get chances to help the teacher.
  • They get chances to practice life skills.

We also ask care leavers about their experience of:  

  • Studying, working or training.

How are local authorities supporting children and young people’s education and learning?

To read more about what children and young people feel about their lives and their well-being, have a look at our publications and news items.

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