New Belongings Plus

New Belongings Plus is a new Bright Spots product for 2023-24.

New Belongings Plus follows the successful delivery of the New Belongings Programme from Coram Voice that ran from 2019-2022. This model puts care leavers’ voices and experiences at the centre of service delivery and design.

New Belongings Plus helps local authorities translate Your Life Beyond Care survey findings into action.

After finding out what makes life good for your care leavers with the Bright Spots survey, we will work with you to co-produce an action plan with your young people. New Belongings Plus provides a platform for your local authority to embed participation and co-production in service development.

We’ll facilitate sessions with key partner agencies to create targeted solutions for specific challenges in your local authority.

Find local solutions to local problems with a fully tailored and flexible programme. To find out how New Belongings Plus could work in your local authority, get in touch at