Specialist advocates

Coram Voice offers a number of specialist advocate services for children and young people in care and care leavers. We also offer training to professionals in these areas. 

Specialist advocacy for children and young people with disabilities

We are the experts in providing advocacy for children and young people with disabilities.

Our advocacy service for children and young people with disabilities is designed to empower young people and protect their rights. Our advocates take a specialist approach to communicating with every child and young person with a disability that we work with. We lead the sector leader in the use of Non-Instructed Advocacy (NIA) for children and young people who lack the capacity to instruct an advocate.

Specialist advocacy for care leavers

We are the leading provider of specialist advocacy for care experienced young people aged 16-25.

As young people approach adulthood and independence they experience many challenges. All too often they don’t get the support they need and miss out on the services they are entitled to. That’s why we have a longstanding commitment to providing specialist advocacy that effectively helps  young people transition to independence. We produce Sorted and Supported (now on its 7th edition), which is the definitive guide for young people about their leaving care entitlements.

Specialist advocacy for homeless young people

No child should be homeless. Yet there are still children who find themselves with nowhere safe to live and no one in their lives who can look after them. That’s why we developed our ground breaking Homeless Outreach project.

Every year our advocates support hundreds of homeless children and young people to escape homelessness. We assist homeless children who should be in care to get the support from Children’s Service that they need. Uniquely, we also work with homeless young adults who were failed by the system when they asked for help as children.

By helping  these young people secure recognition as care leavers, we get them off the streets and reengaged  with the care system that let them down.

How to get involved

As part of our project, our Specialist Advocate and Outreach Advocate provide free training courses and resources to assist professionals across the children’s rights and social care sectors in providing support that children and young people need.

To find out more please contact info@coramvoice.org.uk