Dreams – Voices 2020 theme

Every year, care-experienced young people choose the theme for our Voices creative writing competition and for this year they have chosen the theme “dreams”. Our Voices 2020 judges share just a few reasons why dreams are so important…

 Dreams are motivating

Author Piers Torday says: “Dreams are expressions of your desire to find a place in the world, and the most extraordinary thing is that if you pursue them with imagination, dedication and humility, there is a very strong chance that they may come true – even if not quite in the way you expected!”

Your dreams at night can be fuel for your writing

As a child, author Abi Elphinstone had vivid dreams about riding wild animals such as wolves and polar bears. She also dreamed about falling off the edge of something or swimming in deep, dark water. She says: “I used these ideas to form the basis of my first book, The Dreamsnatcher, which follows the story of Romany gypsy girl Moll who wakes one night in the middle of the forest, having been lured towards the frightening Deepwood by a recurring nightmare.”

Dreams are connected to your potential

Your dreams reflect your passions in life, they are a route to achieving your potential. Piers Torday advises: “Remember that every dream, ambition, goal, no matter how popular or unusual, straightforward or complicated, realistic or far-fetched, is valid.”

Sometimes in life we can encounter people who are less than supportive. Prove them wrong by following your dreams! Author Paolo Hewitt’s English teacher ridiculed him, but he didn’t let it stand in his way and achieved his dream of writing for NME magazine.

How to stay focused on your dreams when the going gets tough

Abi Elphinstone was rejected by almost every literary agent in the UK and fought for seven years to get her book deal. She says that it was this rejection that taught her “far more about joy and determination (not just in writing, but in life) than any of my good fortune ever has. Inside every person who faces rejection there grows a quiet grit. So, be prepared that pursuing your dreams may come with set-backs but if you are humble enough to accept criticism and determined enough to bounce back from it, you may well go on to achieve extraordinary things”.

For author Paolo Hewitt, persistence is key: “pay no attention to temporary failures and push on – because if you keep knocking on that door eventually it has to give.”

Achieving your dreams propels you forwards

The more goals you achieve, the further you will go in life. Piers says: “It’s a huge source of pride to achieve a dream. It is an ongoing process, there is always another goal to live for”.

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