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Voices 2019

© Sam Mellish 2019

© Sam Mellish 2019

On 10 April 2019, we announced the winners of Voices 2019 at a ceremony held at Havas Kings Cross, and hosted by former Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi.

The winners took on the theme of ‘growing up’ – with fantastic results! 

Overall, 24 entrants were shortlisted in the competition by our judges:

  • Singer-songwriter and reporter, Ashley John-Baptiste
  • Poet, Mr Gee
  • Author, Jenny Molloy
  • Author,Alice Broadway
  • Author,Kit de Waal
  • Author,Kiran Millwood Hargrave;
  • Children’s picture-book maker, Jarvis
  • Rap artist and creative director of the hip-hop collective Jungle Brown, Ric Flo.

On Reflection, by Anonymous, age 10

Primary winner 

Jenny Molloy said; “We love the pace and simplicity of this piece. The title ‘On reflection’ is a perfect choice, each line reflects another and it grows in power as it reads. A beautiful and intimate poem, we wondered how the writer felt after writing this – proud we hope”.

Does Height Matter? by Adam, age 11

Lower Secondary School winner

Mr Gee and Kiran Millwood Hargrave said; “The poem is an amazing combination of both funny & insightful observations surrounding the idea of size. The awareness of being physically ‘small’ but potentially ‘huge’ is both clever and inspiring to all ages”.


Shedding Of Skin by Winnie, age 17

Upper Secondary School winner  

Ashley John-Baptise and Alice Broadway said; “Wow. What an incredibly emotive piece of writing. We were both blown away by the standard of writing and amazed that this writer has English as a second language. They told their story with rawness which engaged the reader utterly”.


The Girl Behind The Glass by Sophia, age 21

Care Leaver winner

Ric Flo and Kit De Waal said, “We were both so impressed with the imaginative angle to this poem. We had to read it twice to see all the imagery and would like to congratulate the writer on such beautiful heartfelt writing with a strong and memorable title”.

Read the full list of 2019 shortlisted entries.

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Voices 2018

On Monday 9 April 2018 , we announced the winners of Voices 2018 at a ceremony hosted by Peter Capaldi. 23 entrants were shortlisted in the competition across our four categories, on the theme of  ‘Who or What Makes You Proud’.

Let me Just Check That With Mike by Nathan

2018 winner ‘Care leaver’ category

What Deserves The Picture Of My Pride by Asmara
2018 shortlisted ‘Care leaver’ category 


I Am Proud Of… by Lewis
2018 shortlisted ‘Primary school’ category

Forced To Grow by Abby
2018 shortlisted ‘Care leaver’ category

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