A Home is Not a Placement campaign packs launched

In 2021 A National Voice (ANV) launched a social media campaign ‘Home is Not a Placement’  in order to start a conversation about what home is and what is not for a care experienced child or young person.

This campaign was based on Bright Spots research, which found that 51% of care leavers aged 16-25 felt settled in their home, and 64% of them felt safe where they live. As a result our ANV Ambassadors felt issues such as stability, placement versus home, and feeling safe, needed to be explored further with other care experienced children and young people to better understand how to improve these figures.

Following on from this piece of work our ANV Ambassadors have created the Home is Not a Placement Campaign Pack. The pack includes interactive activities such as paths to stability and building the perfect home. ANV are encouraging children in care councils and participation groups to complete the activities to influence local decision and policy, whilst sharing this back to ANV to feedback nationally.

More information and the campaign packs can be found here