A National Voice is recruiting Ambassadors

A National Voice is looking for 18 care-experienced young people, aged 16-25 from all around England, to become our 2020-2021 Ambassadors.

We are looking for young people who share our vision and values and have the skills to make A National Voice the best it can be. We are looking for ambassadors who are motivated, innovative, creative and strategic, and keen to help us grow and make a bigger impact nationally.

We want young people with a range of experience – you do not need to be an expert or to have done any work like this before. We want young people who are looking to take on new challenges and develop their skills.

A National Voice welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and aims to have diverse, inclusive range of ambassadors to bring representation of those we serve.

What do Ambassadors do?

Being an ambassador is fun but also comes with responsibility.

Ambassadors are not only responsible for representing their own views, but they also represent and advocate the views, opinions and wishes of the children in care and care leavers from their local area.

The board of ambassadors will shape A National Voice’s campaigns and design activities that allow all children in care and care leavers across England to get involved in initiatives that allow them to influence and inform decisions that affect their lives.

Ambassadors will also act as representatives and spokespeople for A National Voice and Coram Voice in the media and elsewhere.

What can A National Voice do for you?

An ambassador main purpose is to serve their peers and A National Voice, however it is also a way to build experience and networks, develop a broad range of skills and help shape a future where children in care and care leavers are listened to and their voices and experiences used to effect meaningful change in the care system.

How to apply

Email anv@coramvoice.org.uk with the following info:

Who you are: Your name, your age and the local authority you are or were looked after by.

Why you want to be an A National Voice Ambassador: In 500 words of less, please provide a brief statement that that can be about your experience, your motivations, what you would like to achieve… anything to tell us a little bit more about you!

This can be submitted as text, a voice recording or video.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 30 September 2020 at midnight.

After applications have closed, applicants will be asked to attend a virtual chat with the programme’s manager and coordinator, before we choose the final 18 successful ambassadors.

Can I get involved if I’m not an ambassador?

Of course you can!

If you don’t end up in the final 18, or you’re not old enough yet to apply to be an ambassador, you can still get involved in A National Voice virtually before we take our programme live and in person again.

Either head on over to twitter and look up #ANationalVoice and follow @CoramVoice to be notified when we’re holding virtual events and campaigns, or sign up to emails and encourage your local CICC leader, Looked After Children’s Team Head, Leaving Care Head, or DCS to sign up to our mailing list to be updated on the range of A National Voice activities and opportunities going on and find out how to get involved as we take A National Voice across the country, virtually and hopefully soon, in person.