Bright Spots Practice Bank shares examples of how to improve well-being with local authorities

Coram Voice have today (29 April 2021) launched our new online Bright Spots Practice Bank – showcasing examples of how local authorities are making life better for children in care and care leavers.

The Bright Spots Practice Bank includes examples of how local authorities (LAs) have used the Bright Spots findings to improve the well-being of children in care and care leavers. It also shows practice examples from local authorities where the surveys found children and young people were doing better than average. It includes ideas such as running a fashion show to promote positive body image in Sheffield and setting up a five-a-side football team to combat loneliness in East Riding.

This week also saw the launch of University of Oxford’s Evaluation of the Bright Spots Programme, explored how local authorities had used the findings from the Bright Spots surveys to improve the lives of the children they look after.

Examples of policy and practice changes

Sharing learning

We will continue to add to and improve the Bright Spots Practice Bank over the coming year.

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To find out more about the benefits and challenges of participating in the Bright Spots programme and read other examples of how local authorities have made changes: