Child Protection Conference Video Launched

Coram Voice today (6 February 2020) launched a new video that helps explain to children and young people what to expect when attending a Child Protection Conference.

The video, co-produced with children and in partnership with Norfolk County Council, helps children and young people understand what Child Protection Conferences are about.

Among the topics covered in the video are feelings or worries children and young people might be facing prior to the meeting, the different people that will be there on the day and the information that will be discussed. Its aim is to give children and young people information so they feel more comfortable and confident taking part.

Coram Voice, Managing Director Brigid Robinson says; “We are really pleased to launch this video which will be an effective tool in breaking down and clarifying the often complex and daunting process of Child Protection Conferences for children and young people. 

“The video will be helpful both to children and young people looking for information and the professionals who work with them. A huge thank you to the young people and staff for making this possible.”