Consultation on National Advocacy Standards for Children’s Advocacy

Speaking at a Parliamentary Reception to mark the 30th anniversary of the UNCRC yesterday (the 2nd of March) the Children’s Minister Vicky Ford announced that the Government will consult on a revised set of the National Advocacy Standards for Children’s Advocacy.  She publicly thanked the Advocates 4U strategy group of which Coram Voice was a member for their work on this and paid tribute to John Kemmis former Coram Voice CEO.

Brigid Robinson, Managing Director for Coram Voice said, “We are delighted with this announcement. The current advocacy standards, which Coram Voice played a pivotal role in developing, were published in 2002 and the world has changed since then. 

“Both myself, and advocates from Coram Voice, have supported the development of new standards, led by the Advocates 4U Campaign. 

“These will build on the previous standards to further champion the rights of children and young people ensuring they get the services they need and deserve.  As chair of the National Children’s Advocacy Consortium this announcement is welcomed by the sector and provides a unique opportunity to ensure that advocacy services to children are robust, consistent and ensure that children know their rights and their voices are heard.”