Coram Voice Launch Specialist Advocacy Service

On Tuesday (27 October 2020) Coram Voice launched a new Specialist Advocacy Service which has been developed to share our best practice approach for advocacy and children’s rights work in a number of specialist areas. Our new service will provide vital consultancy, training and resources to advocates, professionals and organisations who support children and young people who are in care, care leavers, or on the edge of care.

The Specialist Advocacy Service is a team of Coram Voice experts in advocacy and children’s rights work. We are drawing on the organisations long history of providing advocacy in complex and specialist areas of work. The aim of the Specialist Advocacy Service, is to share this knowledge and best practice with the wider sector by providing a range of training, professional information and resources. We will also be offering specific advice through consultations and support on complex issues or an independent view on a specific young person situation.

As part of the launch of the Specialist Advocacy Service, we have launched a number of new online tools for professionals.

This includes:

Specialist information on:

As well as:

Head of Services Andrew Dickie said of the new Specialist Advocacy Service; “We are delighted to launch our new Specialist Advocacy Service. Our new service draws on our wealth of individual and organisational expertise in advocacy and children’s rights. This expertise has been developed by our advocates working together with children and young people all over the country.”

“We are sharing our knowledge with all advocates, professionals and organisations working with care experienced children and young people. This will assist them to better support and improve the lives children and young people they with work with.”