New Sorted and Supported update out

Coram Voice has today (30 October 2020) launched the latest version of our ‘Sorted and Supported’ publication, a guide for young people leaving care on their rights and entitlements.

‘Sorted and Supported’ explains what young people leaving care’s rights and entitlements are and what to do if you don’t feel that you are being properly supported. ‘Sorted and Supported’ also explains the support that should be provided by local authority Children’s Services (sometimes called Children’s Social Care or Social Services) and how and when you can get this.

To give you all the information you need ‘Sorted and Supported’ covers:

  • The law and your rights
  • Advocacy
  • The different legal status for care leavers:
    • Eligible children
    • Relevant children
    • Children who are homeless or not safe at home
    • Former relevant children
    • Qualifying care leavers
  • Young refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and young people without British citizenship
  • Care leavers with disabilities

It is important to remember, that as a young person leaving care, you have the right to be involved in any decision that affects you and you also have the right to have an independent advocate.  To help you with this ‘Sorted and Supported’ has information about what an advocate does and how to get one through our Always Heard service.

Managing Director Brigid Robinson said of the new publication. “We are delighted to be putting out a new version of ‘Sorted and Supported’ during National Care Leavers week.

“We have always had excellent feedback on the publication and we know it is vital to helping so many young care leavers understand their rights and entitlements. We hope that this version will continue to help inform young care leavers and get them the support that they are entitled to.”

Read the full ‘Sorted and Supported’ publication

Even with the help of ‘Sorted and Supported’ leaving care can all seem very complicated. If you are a care leaver, and want more help or advice contact Coram Voice’s helpline free on 0808 800 5792 or visit  to get independent Always Heard information from one of our advocates.

You can visit My Rights for more information about leaving care.