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Appropriate Adults for Age Assessments

Coram Voice has a strong track record in providing independent services to children who have arrived in this country seeking refuge, as victims of trafficking, and as migrants. We have provided Appropriate Adults for age assessments for asylum seeking children whose age is being assessed by Children’s Services in numerous local authorities in London and across England.

The age assessment process is often difficult for young people as they can find the assessment distressing and traumatic. Coram Voice Appropriate Adults are well equipped to provide the independent support to these children, ensuring that they understand what is going on and that their rights and wellbeing are respected during the age assessment process.

Working with the Coram Children’s Legal Centre and our Specialist Advocate for Young Refugees and Migrants, Coram Voice has developed strong expertise in providing this support.

How to get in contact

If you would like more information or to commission our services please contact our Head Office on 020 7833 5792 or