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The Bright Spots Well-Being Indicators

How we find out what makes looked-after children happy

Bright Spots, Your Life, Your care survey showing looked after children talking about what makes them happierThe Bright Spots Programme surveys explore the subjective well-being of children in care and care leavers. Our definition of well-being is being satisfied with life, feeling that life is worthwhile, feeling happy in the present and positive about the future.

The Bright Spots Well-Being Indicators examine four key areas that emerged from our discussions with children and young people in the development phase of the project and a review of existing literature on the subject. The four areas are:

  1. Relationships: keeping and developing the relationships that matter
  2. Rights: participating in decisions, understanding rights and being free from abuse and discrimination
  3. Resilience-building: learning how to manage the challenges in life
  4. Recovery: coming to terms with what has happened and feeling valued

The Bright Spots Well-Being Indicators are measured by the Your Life, Your Care and Your Life Beyond Care surveys.

See the full indicators here.