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Care leavers

“I do not know what I am entitled to, so it is difficult to know who I can ask.”

Young people aged 16+ face many changes in their lives, as they approach adulthood. This can be a very confusing time, especially if young people do not have the support of their family.

Independent advocacy and specialist advice on the entitlements of young people aged 16+ can support them through the transition to independence.

Coram Voice are the leading providers of specialist advocacy for young people aged 16-25. We utilise the advice, training and resources developed by our Specialist Advocate for 16+ to assist thousands of care leavers each year. 

Our 16+ specialist advocate combines direct work with young people with development and policy work. This allows Coram Voice to work directly with young people to identify their needs, work to address them and share best practice across the advocacy sector. 

More information

Children and young people can get advice about their rights and entitlements via our Always Heard service - call our free phone helpline 0808 800 5792 or email