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Care leavers

“I do not know what I am entitled to, so it is difficult to know what I can ask.”

Sophie, aged 20, contacted Coram Voice.

Young people aged 16+ face many changes in their lives, as they approach adulthood. This can be a very confusing time, especially if young people do not have the support of their family. Independent advocacy and specialist advice on the entitlements of young people aged 16+ can support them through the transition to independence.

Coram Voice’s specialist advocate for 16+ young people:

  • Gives direct advocacy support to individual young people
  • Gives advice to young people, advocates and other professionals on issues related to leaving care or 16+ children in need.
  • Develops tools to inform young people about their rights, such as “Are you a Care Leaver?”.
  • Works in partnership with the Legal and Policy Department to lobby on issues related to care leavers and 16-17 years old who are in need of support from social services.
  • Takes the lead in Voice on issues related to 16+ young people, such as representing Voice at relevant conferences

The 16+ specialism includes care leavers, i.e., young people who have gone through the care system, but also young people aged 16 and 17 who have not been in care but need support from social services.

Any young person or adult can contact the 16+ specialist advocate for advice. The 16+ specialist advocate combines direct work with young people with development and policy work. This allows Coram Voice to identify directly from young people their needs, and gaps in services, and work towards filling them with relevant advice and tools.

More information

Children and young people can contact our 16+ Specialist Advocate, Mags Inglis via our Freephone Helpline 0808 800 5792 or, all other queries to 020 7833 5792 or