Professional Zone

Case study

Paddy was 15 years old when he was referred to Coram Voice by his teacher, with his permission. Paddy has a diagnosis of Autism. He was displaying challenging behaviour at school, which was uncharacteristic. Paddy had also been heard making negative remarks about his foster carer, but was not prepared to speak to teachers or social services about this. After several visits to see Paddy, and with him feeling more comfortable talking to a Coram Voice advocate, Paddy revealed that his foster carer had been using inappropriate methods of punishment. Paddy revealed that the carer would lock him outside in the garden in just his boxer shorts if he was naughty. The carer also used force to stop Paddy leaving a room when he became distressed. Paddy wanted his Coram Voice advocate to help him leave this placement as he did not feel safe. With the advocate’s help, Paddy was removed from that placement the same day, and was moved into a new foster placement. Paddy is still in this foster placement and is happy and doing well.