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Case study

Sophie, aged 20, contacted Coram Voice as her social worker had told her that her case was going to be closed. Sophie was completing the second year of a 3 year course at college, and Social Services told her that because she was going to turn 21 at the end of the month and she was still in further education she was not entitled to support from Social Services. They informed her that Social Services would only support young people aged 21 and over if they were in higher education.

Coram Voice contacted Sophie’s social worker and later submitted a complaint, asking that the decision to close Sophie’s case be frozen, pending a complaint investigation. Coram Voice argued that the Children (Leaving Care) Act makes no distinction between further and higher education and that as such support should continue to Sophie.

At the conclusion of the complaint, the Authority agreed to keep her case open until Sophie finishes her education. Her Personal Adviser is also going to help her apply for University when she finishes college.