Professional Zone

Case study

Tariq, 16, was referred to Coram Voice by a social worker. Tariq was an asylum seeker who came to the UK on his own, but joined his uncle’s family. However, he was kicked out and dumped in a one-bedroom flat with three adults. He was being kept awake at night by their drinking and drug-taking. Tariq used to be given one meal a day. He was very scared and often too tired to go to college. The local authority refused to support him and failed to use interpreters to ensure Tariq understood what help and support he was entitled to. Tariq contacted Coram Voice’s Helpline. We were able to speak to him through an interpreter. An advocate was appointed and started working with him immediately. He attended meetings with Tariq and talked to him about his rights and entitlements. Tariq was accommodated. He now lives in a foster placement and attends a local college.