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Independent services for reviews

“The Independent Person (IP) raised issues from the young person and was very clear in her recommendations with detailed reasons.”

“[The IP was] child focused, promoting a decision to achieve the best outcome for the child.”

"The IP was helpful, spent time with the young person beforehand and participated in the meeting very constructively."

Young people who are looked after by their Local Authority may be locked up in secure accommodation if they are likely to run away from any other accommodation they are in and will suffer significant harm as a result of running away, or if they are likely to injure themselves or anyone else by staying in other accommodation.  It is unlawful for a young person to be kept in a secure placement if they no longer meet the criteria.  Therefore, a review must be held within one month of the start of their placement and thereafter at intervals not exceeding three months. 

The purpose of the review is to decide whether the young person should remain locked up. We provide an Independent Person, who offers expertise to the panel and in the process ensures that the young person’s wishes and feelings are represented at the meeting.

Coram Voice is the main provider of Independent Persons for Secure Reviews in England and Wales.  We have been specifically recommended in Volume 4 of the Children Act Regulations and Guidance.  All our Independent Persons have been selected, trained and DBS checked in accordance with Coram Voice's rigorous procedures. They receive supervision and the support of a professional system, including our Learning & Development and Legal & Policy teams.

Further information

For further information, please call 020 7833 5792 (select option 2), or for secure accommodation reviews, email, and for complaints email