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When you display the LILAC Mark, you can be sure your service is one where looked-after children and young people participate in decisions about their care.

LILAC is a set of standards aimed at making sure local authorities (LAs) and agencies that work with looked-after children and young people involve and listen to them in decisions about their care.

Who is LILAC for?

It's for service providers, such as LAs and agencies, who can be assessed and can display the LILAC Mark and certificate which indicates their level of standards compliance.

How does LILAC work?

The concept is really simple. Your organisation requests an assessment, a LILAC team assesses your services then you display the resulting Mark and certificate to demonstrate your compliance with the standards. The more LAs and independent agencies that are involved the more children and young people benefit from a more standardised care system.

Why LILAC is unique

The standards themselves were devised and are reviewed by care-experienced young people. Moreover, the actual assessments are carried out by fully trained care-experienced young people.

What is the LILAC Mark?

A successful assessment will be rewarded with an appropriate LILAC Mark which will indicate the level of compliance.

So if you meet one standard your Mark will feature one lilac flower and if you were assessed as complying with two standards you'll get two flowers and so on up to a maximum of seven. 

The LILAC Mark can be displayed on letterheads and other stationery, websites and anywhere else you choose.

The LILAC Certificate

You will also be presented with a beautiful LILAC certificate which you can proudly display on your premises for all to admire.

The certificate will also indicate the level of compliance revealed by the assessment.

The Report

Whatever the outcome of the assessment you will receive a full report of the assessors' findings, which will be full of useful information and advice.

Should you fall short of any particular standard you will find recommendations which, if implemented, should ensure your success next time.

Even if you're meeting a standard you may find one or two 'good practice proposals' which you can use to further enhance your services.

Find out more about LILAC

Visit the LILAC website to find out more