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Mental health issues

“My advocate made me feel like I am someone, and that I have the right to be listened to. I will never forget this.”

Zoe was 13 when she contacted Coram Voice.

Mental health affects us all. Coram Voice seeks to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health problems and to ensure that all children and young people receiving advocacy are helped to feel more confident to talk about their mental health.  Becoming looked after, placed in secure accommodation or detained is rarely an easy step, and Coram Voice advocates support looked after children to speak openly about any difficult feelings and experiences.

We have advocates with specialist knowledge of mental health issues, and of the range of mental health services which are available for children.  Our advocates work with children and young people who may have a mental illness and those who may have spent time in a psychiatric setting.  We also provide consultation and training on mental health to our workforce, as well as to external agencies and professionals. 

Coram Voice keeps abreast of developments within the wider field of young people and mental health, and campaigns for a greater awareness of the need for a robust and timely response to the mental health needs of looked after children.

We provide a sensitive response to the advocacy needs of all looked after children and children in need. We provide individual advocacy to children and young people who access our services through our Helpline, as well as provide a visiting advocacy service to psychiatric hospitals across England. 

We believe that we are unique in our approach and recognition that all care experienced children and young people are likely to have some degree of mental health needs as a result of the experiences that led them into the care system.

To contact our advocates please call our freephone helpline on 0808 800 5792 or email

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