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Coram Voice’s Managing Director discusses support for children leaving care on BBC Radio London

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15 Sep 17

Brigid Robinson, Managing Director of Coram Voice spoke live on BBC Radio London yesterday (14.09.17) discussing some of the challenges facing children in and leaving the care system, and the importance of support networks.

The feature was prompted by a current exhibition from the Drive Forward Foundation, a charity for care leavers, featuring portraits and monologues by a group of young care leavers from London.

Listeners heard from two young care leavers about the issues they had experienced and the isolation they had felt as they left the care system.

Brigid Robinson commented: “What we see for some young people is that they don’t get the support they need, particularly when they are post-18, in terms of moving into their own accommodation and having support as you would if you were living with your family. Some things are getting better and one of the initiatives called Staying Put which provides an opportunity for some young people to remain in foster care post-18 is an example of that.”

Brigid also highlighted findings from Coram Voice’s Bright Spots project on children in care’s own views of their wellbeing: “Children in care talked about the importance of having support, the importance of having a trusted adult. One of the things that’s really important for the care system to do for young people is to equip them for adult life. Our research highlighted the importance of children understanding the reasons why they’re in care, being clear about their identity rather than carrying that burden into adult life.”

“It’s important for us as a society is to recognise the uniqueness and the skills, the ambitions, the creativity that young people leaving care bring, and celebrate them rather than stigmatise them.”

You can listen to the full feature (from around 2:24) here

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