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Coram Voice comments on Stability Index report

Posted date: 
01 Jun 18

Commenting on the Children’s Commissioner’s latest Stability Index report, Brigid Robinson, Managing Director of Coram Voice said:

“The latest Stability Index provides an important opportunity to highlight  the particular importance to children and young people in care and care-leavers of being settled and happy. This echoes our findings from over 3,000 children through our Bright Spots programme that good and supportive relationships are central to wellbeing.

Last year, Coram Voice provided much needed advocacy support to 538 looked after children and young people who were worried about placement moves. Of this number, 313 were worried about being forced to move when they didn’t want to, and 225 children wanted to move but had been told they had to stay in a placement where they weren’t happy.  Sadly, in many cases children were only told they had to move on the same day even where they had developed positive attachments with their carer.

The effects of these moves can be devastating.  As one child in our Bright Spots programme said: “I just keep being moved around. I have moved I think seven times in the last six months.This makes me confused and scared. It has been dark and scary when I move and I am told where as we drive. I never meet the people beforehand and my things take time to catch up with me.”

A care placement which meets a child or young person’s needs, which takes account of their views and feelings, and where they feel safe, secure and happy can considerably improve their chances of thriving.  We believe looked after children. who have had difficult and challenging experiences in their lives, deserve nothing less.

Coram Voice’s Always Heard service provides children and young people in and leaving care with not only advice  and support but an advocate to make sure their voice is heard whenever they need one.”

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