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Coram Voice welcomes A National Voice

Posted date: 
10 Jul 17

Coram Voice is delighted to announce that on 10 July 2017, A National Voice (ANV) will become part of Coram Voice to strengthen opportunities for the unique voices of children and young people in and leaving the care system to be heard.

Jonny Hoyle, former Chair of ANV, said:

“A National Voice has had a proud history of listening to and campaigning for children in and leaving care.  During my 14 years with ANV I have been humbled to have met so many amazing children, young people and adults who have all been passionate about making positive changes to the care system. I am delighted that ANV is going to become a part of Coram Voice who I am absolutely confident will continue and build upon ANV's history of making positive changes, in addition to continuing some very important projects such as LILAC.”

Coram Voice works to make sure that children and young people in and leaving care have a voice and are listened to. 

We believe that children are the experts in their lives, they know what the problems are; they are highly competent and creative.  We get results by listening to children and young people’s individual and collective experiences and working alongside them to address the issues that are important to them. ANV will provide a unique opportunity for children and young people to pool their experiences with our professional expertise. On a national level, this will allow their voices to be amplified to influence the national policies and practices that discriminate against them, and in turn improve the local care they receive.

To do this we will develop an ambassador programme for children in and leaving care. This will allow us to work nationally with Children in Care Councils and other young people’s groups to challenge the negative stereotypes of children in care. By increasing understanding of their lives and promoting their ambitions and achievements, we aim to eradicate the stigma faced by children in care.

Brigid Robinson, Coram Voice Managing Director, said:

“I am thrilled A National Voice is joining us.  As an organisation working to amplify the voices of care experienced children and young people, A National Voice is in perfect alignment with Coram Voice.  Together we will continue the national programme for the voice of children and young people in and leaving care.  We will support them to challenge the negative narrative faced by these young people and also challenge professionals working with them to think big for them and help them achieve their potential.  We are honoured to be entrusted with this legacy.”