Professional Zone

Our Services - Supporting Young People

We provide children with a professional adult who will listen to them, establish their wishes, opinions and fears, and work with the child and the system to ensure the child’s voice is heard. This support enables them to navigate the system, challenge decisions and ensure their rights and wellbeing are prioritised. It empowers them to have a role in decision-making processes. Thanks to our intervention, children are removed from harm or homelessness, able to access education, helped to stop poorly planned placement moves, and supported to resolve many other problems affecting their wellbeing.

Demand for our services continues to grow, with children and young people experiencing the negative consequences of increased caseloads, reduced budgets and service cuts within Local Authorities. Throughout the year, we have been routinely told by other advocacy providers that children seeking their help are not eligible for their support, due to limits set by their commissioning Local Authorities or because of extended waiting lists. Uniquely, we do not turn away any child who needs our help, and we provide advocacy to those who are refused a service by others.

We seek out the hardest-to-reach and most vulnerable, delivering high quality advice and support in a variety of ways.

  • We provide a National Advocacy Helpline that children can call for support when they have problems with Children’s Services. The Helpline undertakes advocacy case work and gives advice as well as taking referrals for one-to-one Community Advocacy support
  • Our advocates also visit settings including residential schools, children’s homes, secure psychiatric units, and foster care, to ensure these young people can have someone independent from the system to talk to and seek support from
  • We provide Independent People for Children Act Complaints and Secure Accommodation Reviews, ensuring these processes properly involve young people
  • We provide Independent Visitors – volunteers who support children in care, giving them a reliable consistent long-term relationship