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Outreach - Supporting Homeless Young People

Jo* was 21, homeless, and extremely vulnerable when she came into contact with Coram Voice’s Outreach project at a London youth homeless centre. Jo had been fled her family home at 16 because of the emotional abuse and violence she was experiencing. She went to Children's Services for help but she felt they took her parents side and did not listen to her. Jo was told she should go home. When Jo said she couldn't she was told that she was making herself "intentionality homeless". Since then she had been homeless and staying wherever she could, on friends floors, shelters and sometimes strangers beds

Jo’s story is not unique. Too many children find themselves without a safe place to call home. Even when children are given a place to stay many don't get the support they need from Children's Services. This means they often find themselves homeless and in crisis again after they turn 18. 

Through our advocacy intervention Children's Services acknowledged that Jo should have been taken into care when she was 16. They accepted that she was now entitled to care leaver status and she was swiftly provided with suitable accommodation and the support she need to get her life on track.

No child should be homeless. Every year Coram Voice's unique Homeless Outreach project helps hundreds of children and young people in London escape homelessness.  We assist homeless children, and young adults who have been in care (or should have been in care), get the Children's Services support they need - and have a right to.

We go to homeless young people wherever they are, and offer;

  • information about their rights and entitlements
  • intensive one-to-one advocacy support
  • access to legal support

Our advocates support homeless young people no matter what. We don't give up. Through this work we help young people move off the streets and into safe housing. We help young people to re-engage with the system that has failed them and make sure they can access the financial, housing and educational support they need.

Homeless young people can contact us directly and free through our Always Heard service on 0808 800 57952.

To find out more about Homeless Outreach project please call 020 7833 5792 or read our The Door is Closed Report.

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*names and identities have been changed to protect the young person’s privacy