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Swindon IVs

“I no longer feel lonely.”

“You could not have paired me with anyone better.”

“She respects me, listens to me and gives me good advice.”

“Good to be with, easy to talk to and trustworthy.”

“She listens to me and if I have any worries I can tell her stuff.”

“Always thinks of really good things to do and see.”

“I wish that my match would continue until I’m 21.”

“I would want my children to have a IV just like mine.”

What is an Independent Visitor?

An Independent Visitor is a reliable, consistent and independent friend who visits a looked after child who is isolated and has limited, or sometimes no family contact.

Children looked after by the local authority have many people involved in their lives.  Most are paid professionals and many children experience several changes of social worker and foster or residential placement during their time in care.   When a child changes placement or social worker the Independent Visitor remains constant and continues to visit regardless of other changes taking place in their lives. 

Independent Visitors are independent from the local authority caring for the child and are unpaid volunteers. An Independent Visitor is only matched to one child and will continue to visit the child for as long as the child wants them to. This is usually until the child’s 18th birthday.

What does an Independent Visitor do?

An Independent Visitor (IV) takes an interest in the life, hopes and concerns of a child or young person. They are there to listen and befriend.

IVs can make a real difference to a young person by sharing a hobby, sport or interest. They undertake activities and outings with the young person building a one to one relationship, helping to build their confidence and self esteem.  Outings may include bowling, cinema, a walk in the park, sporting activities or sometimes days out to local attractions.  This will depend on the age and interests of the child/young person.

Our volunteers enjoy the challenge of building a lasting friendship with an individual child and the children benefit greatly from a consistent, fun relationship with someone outside the care system.

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