Professional Zone

Visiting Advocacy

Coram Voice has provided visiting services to children and young people in public care since 1988. We provide a visiting advocacy service to different settings across the country - including residential schools, children’s homes, secure psychiatric units, and foster care, to ensure these young people can have someone independent from the system to talk to and seek support from.

The aim of this service is to empower and protect young people in care by providing a regular visitor to their home who is totally independent of Children’s Services and the service provider.

Through regular visits, the advocate builds a trusting relationship with the children and young people. They promote the young people’s ability to express their wishes and feelings, resolve disputes and difficulties as they arise and help young people participate in decisions that affect their lives.

How it works:

  • The visiting advocate visits residential units regularly – usually every two weeks
  • We work in partnership with the agency to deliver the service to young people
  • The visiting advocate is supervised by an Advocacy Manager who conducts 6 monthly reviews of the service

Visiting advocates have:

  • Experience of working professionally with children and young people
  • Good interpersonal skills enabling them to work with both young people and professionals
  • Knowledge of children’s rights and of local authority statutory responsibilities for children and young people
  • Knowledge of the care standards and the home’s regulatory duties

The visiting advocate will:

  • Listen to children and young people about issues and concerns
  • Support young people in resolving difficulties, usually in conjunction with staff
  • Work according to the National Advocacy Standards for the provision of Children’s Advocacy Services
  • Promote children’s rights

We provide:

  • A high quality service
  • Access to a Freephone helpline for children and young people
  • Clear policies and working guidelines for advocates including child protection and confidentiality
  • A robust selection process including enhanced CRB check, training and supervision of advocates
  • In-house legal advice and support to advocates
  • In-house specialist advocacy support on mental health, disability, leaving care, unaccompanied asylum seekers and young people in secure care

Please contact Head Office for more information on 020 7833 5792.