Young People's Zone

Getting Involved (Swindon)

We make sure there are lots of interesting ways for children and young people to get involved, give their ideas and opinions and have a chance to change how things are done. To find out more about any of the opportunities listed here please contact the Swindon team on 01793 487 490 or email

Children in Care Cou​ncil

The Children in Care Council (called the CICC for short) are a group of young people who meet to talk about things that matter to children and young people in care.  There are groups like this all around the country!

The CICC make sure that the views of young people in care are heard by the people who make important decisions about their lives. They discuss things that are important in their monthly meetings and make sure these views are listened to.  They get their views heard in lots of different ways:

  • Inviting important people to their meetings.
  • Making DVDs (for example, a training DVD for Social Workers)
  • Creating leaflets
  • Going to meetings where the top decisions are made and being listened to.

They also get to have some fun too and have been go-karting, street dancing and high rope climbing as well as working hard!

The CICC is for young people who are aged 11 upwards. 

Here’s what some of the CICC members think:

“I go to the Children in Care Council because it’s given me a chance to meet children who are also in care, which is a good thing.  I’m also part of the CICC because I want to help others in care who need help.” 

“CICC is probably the best thing to do to for a child in care.”

Other activities and events

We try to get as many children and young people as possible involved in giving their views and opinions.  Throughout the year there is a good variety of workshops, discussion groups and even some activities for younger children.  These are advertised through social workers, foster carers and Champions’ Voice – so keep an eye out for anything that catches your interest or get in touch with us and we will keep you informed.  

Some examples of things we’ve done:

  • A summer workshop to discuss Looked After Care Reviews
  • Activity sessions for 8 – 11 year olds
  • Chances to get involved in exciting projects
  • Discussion groups where you can give your opinion
  • Questionnaires with prize draws open to all children and young people in care.

“People should be very happy because Voice is here to support people in care, to make changes and to make them happy and to allow their say.” (Member of CICC)