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How do I make a complaint?

If you want to make a complaint about someone in Children’s Services, you can contact the local authority complaints department by phone, letter, or email. Some local authorities have a complaints form you can fill in. You normally have up to one year to make a complaint about what has happened but if there was a good reason that you were not able to make a complaint earlier you can still make a complaint. If you wish to do this, you should contact your local complaints team (see 'Which local authority do I complain to?' below) and tell them you would like to make an 'out of time' complaint.

You can even make a complaint when you are a young adult if you think Children’s Services should have taken you into care, or did not support you properly. If you would like advice about this then click here.

All local authorities have a duty to give an answer to all of the complaints they receive. Ensure you give them information about where and how they can contact you.

Ways to make a complaint

  • WRITE: If you write a letter make sure you add the date and keep a copy. An Advocate (or someone else you trust) can help you to write a letter of complaint. If you would like to write your letter now, please click here.
  • FILL IN A COMPLAINTS FORM: You could visit a local authority office and ask for a complaints form to fill in. The form will tell you who this has to be given to. Always keep a copy for yourself.
  • PHONE: When you phone, ask for the name of the person you talk to and make sure they write down everything you want to complain about. Ask the person to send you a copy of your complaint before you finish the call.
  • EMAIL: If you send your complaint by email, make sure you save it because you might need to go back to it if you don’t get a response.
  • USING AN APP: MOMO is great and helps you write complaints –

Is your complaint urgent?

All complaints are important. Some complaints should be looked into urgently by the local authority because something needs to happen quickly. You can also ask that no changes take place until your urgent complaint is considered. You should make an URGENT complaint if:

  • You are not safe
  • You haven’t got anywhere to live
  • You haven’t got any money
  • You are going to be moved when you want to stay where you are
  • You are being made to live somewhere you don’t want to be
  • You need immediate action to be taken.

Which local authority do I complain to?

Everyone has a home local authority.

  • If you have a social worker or a personal adviser your home local authority will be the area where their office is based.
  • If your complaint is about anything to do with Children’s Services or Leaving Care you should contact the Children’s Social Care Complaints Department. It might be called the Customer Care Team.
  • You can visit here on the Coram Voice website to search for your local complaints team.

To find out more about the different stages of the complaints procedure, please click here.