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Independent visiting

“It’s great going out with my IV because we have loads of fun.”

Who can have an Independent Visitor (also called an IV)?

Independent Visitors are for looked after children and young people who have little or no family contact, and who would like to have a friendship with an adult who is outside the care system.

Who are Independent Visitors?

Independent Visitors are just ordinary people. They are not part of social services and are not paid.

What sort of things would I do with my Independent Visitor? 

Whatever you like doing. It could be playing sport, watching sport, going for walks or to the cinema - whatever you enjoy.  They would visit you regularly, either at the weekend or in the evening.

Why have an Independent Visitor?

Independent Visitors are there to support you, listen to you and be your friend.

How do I get an Independent Visitor?

If you would like an Independent Visitor, ask your social worker about independent visitors in your area or talk to your advocate or Children’s Rights Service.

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