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Stage 1 complaint when out of time

Letter of complaint when out of time – Stage 1

To start to write your letter of complaint, please fill in your details and the details of the person you are sending your complaint to in the form below. To find the details of your local complaints manager, please click here.

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Complaints Team
This is the person/organisation that will be receiving your complaint. If you don't know the name, you can leave it as "Complaints Manager".

Letter Preview

Dear Complaints Manager

Please accept this letter as my request for this complaint to be considered under section 26 of the 1989 Children Act.   

This complaint is about things which happened in (the year e.g ‘in 2013’).

Because of everything I have been going through over the years, I was not in a good place to complain before.

In the 2006 regulations and Getting the Best from Complaints I think that, even though this complaint is more than one year from when things happened, you can still look at the complaint fairly because you still have my records and files and you can see what happened with my case and what went wrong.

What I want to complain about.

What I would like to happen from this complaint.

Please can you let me know that you have got this complaint and that you have decided to listen to my wishes and feelings like it says in Section 17 of the Children’s Act.

Please reply to me by (e.g. email, address phone No, request for a meeting).

Yours sincerely,
Your name