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Stage 1 urgent complaint

Letter of urgent complaint – Stage 1

To start to write your letter of complaint, please fill in your details and the details of the person you are sending your complaint to in the form below. To find the details of your local complaints manager, please click here.

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Urgent complaint

Letter Preview

Dear Complaints Manager

Please accept this letter as my request for this complaint to be considered under section 26 of the 1989 Children Act.   

This is an urgent matter as the decision I am complaining is against my wishes and feelings. I am requesting that this decision is frozen and a review be undertaken in accordance with paragraph 6.5.2 of Getting the Best from Complaints.

Getting the Best from Complaints says that “If the complaint is about a proposed change to a care plan, a placement or a service, the decision may need to be deferred (frozen) until the complaint is considered…… Decisions need to be made on a case-by-case basis, but there should generally be a presumption in favour of freezing, unless there is a good reason against it.”

Specific complaints.

Outcomes sought.

Please can you let me know that you have received this complaint.

Please can you also let me know that you have decided to listen to my wishes and feelings like it says in Section 17 of the Children’s Act.

Please can you tell me as soon as possible so that I have enough time to decide what other action I can take if you decide not to freeze the placement move.

Please reply to me by (e.g. email, address phone No, request for a meeting).

Yours sincerely,
Your name

Tell them your specific complaints, such as:

  • I like living where I am. I have lived here for x years and I get on well with my foster carers.
  • I have lots of friends in this area and moving means I will not see them.
  • Moving will disrupt my education.
  • My Social Worker is not listening to me.
  • The law says that I should have a LAC review and talk to my IRO before moving placements and this has not happened.

Tell them the outcomes you want, such as:

  • I want to stay in my placement.
  • I want a LAC review meeting to talk about my placement and my wish to stay here long term.
  • I want to know why Children’s Services think I should move placement when I am settled in my home.
  • I want to know why Children’s Services decided I should move without having a LC review meeting and I would like an apology for all the upset this has caused me.