In this video, Maggie Allen, Team Manager for leaving care, discusses this case study and it’s impact on care leavers in North Yorkshire.


Findings from North Yorkshire’s Bright Spots care leaver survey found that their young people found it easy to get in touch with their leaving care worker. They also trusted them more than care leavers in other authorities.

North Yorkshire wanted to extend this support beyond the young person’s 25th birthday.

  • North Yorkshire recognized that some care leavers wanted to keep in touch with their workers after 25; to let them know what’s happening in their lives.– their successes at work or university or to share major life events – such as having a child, getting married etc.
  • Others wanted a bit of support or a listening ear when things were difficult.
  • All care leavers are offered the option to approach the service at any age.
  • Always Here is part of the Local Offer and it was publicised on social media to alert young people who were closed to the service.
  • It is discussed with young people who are currently receiving a service and they are given a leaflet explaining the offer.
  • Young people can contact their previous worker, a manager or the duty number to request a service.
  • Workers record approaches from young people and the work they are doing on the young person’s record.
  • Young people are happy there is a formal arrangement so they can ask for help and workers feel their work is being recorded and acknowledged.

55 young people have used this service in the first 6 months since its inception. 22 young people have sought advice and 11 have wanted to share their achievements with the local authority.