Who can I talk to?

If you are in care and do not think you are getting the correct amount of money, there are lots of people you can talk to. 

•  Your carers

Your carers can explain the rules about pocket money, clothing and should know if you have a savings account.

They have the biggest say over what you spend your pocket money on and if you need new clothes, so talking to them is a good place to start.

•  Your Social Worker

Your Social Worker can tell you what your Children’s Services rules say.

They can also talk to your carers if you are not getting the right amount of clothes or if you are unhappy with the rules about spending or saving your money.

•  Your Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO)

If you are unhappy your IRO will help you raise the issue at you LAC review. They will know the rules and will be able to help everyone decide what should be happening

•  Your advocate

If you still feel that no-one is listening, you can contact your local advocacy service to help you get this resolved.

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