Homelessness Outreach

“I wanted to email you and tell you what a great service you provide. You have been a lifeline as such, for my client, ‘Sarah’.

“Your service has listened to and advocated for her, absolutely brilliantly, you never leave anything out and really speak for the person you’re advocating for. I am so impressed with every meeting at how you respect and treat ‘Sarah’.

“She has a very good relationship with you and your service is important, vital in fact. I don’t think ‘Sarah’s’ views and rights would have been heard as well as they have without you.”

(Professional feedback from a project worker with a homelessness charity.)

Our unique Homeless Outreach project provides vital help to care leavers and those on the edge of the care system who are homeless, in securing the support they are entitled to. 

How our Homelessness Outreach works

We provide trusted, independent advocates who ensure young people get not only appropriate accommodation but also the support they need.

Through our outreach advocates we help young people move off the streets and into safe housing.   

By continuing to support them beyond this process, we can help them to re-engage with the system and to access the financial, housing and educational benefits to which they are entitled.

Get in touch

To find out more about this work please contact info@coramvoice.org.uk.