My rights as a relevant child

If you are a ‘relevant child’ it means you were looked after for a relevant period of time but are not looked after anymore.

What are your rights as a relevant child?

Even though you are not in care anymore Children’s Services still legally have to support you.

The law says that Children’s Services must:

  • Provide you with a Personal Advisor (sometimes called a PA) 

They are similar to Social Workers, but they work with older young people to support them to live independently, or to get them ready to live independently.

  • Do a Needs Assessment

A Needs Assessment will look at if you are ready to live on your own. This means that you can do things like cook, wash your own clothes and manage your money.

They will also look at other things such as your health, education and financial needs.

  • Make a Pathway Plan

Once they have done the Needs Assessment, they will create a Pathway Plan with you.

This is a really important document and it is vital that you are part of deciding what goes in it. We recommend you take part in the meetings to create your Pathway Plan, even if you don’t like meetings – it’s that important!

Sorted and Supported guide

Our Sorted and Supported guide is for all young people leaving care. It was designed and written for young people with all the information you need about financial support and young people’s rights under the Children (Leaving Care) Act.