Talk to people

If you are in care and are moved into an emergency placement, although it might be hard, it is important to talk to people about what you would like to happen.

Who can you speak to?

In regards to moving, you can speak to:

  • Your Social Worker

They should have spoken to you about what is happening, but if they haven’t it’s important to tell them exactly what you want.

It might be hard for them to give you everything you want but they have to listen to you. 

  • Your Social Worker’s Manager

If your social worker isn’t listening to you or they haven’t phoned or seen you since you moved, you can ask to speak to their manager. It is important that you have spoken (or tried to speak) to your social worker first.

Being in an emergency placement is difficult so you have a right to speak to someone if your social worker is not around.

  • Your Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO)

They are responsible for making sure your social worker is making the right plans about where you are going to live next. They should be speaking to your social worker about the move.

You can call your IRO or ask them to arrange a LAC Review meeting so everyone can come together to think about what happens next.

  • Your Advocate

Your advocate is there to support you. They will make sure your views and worries are heard. 

To get an Advocate phone our Always Heard Advocacy Helpline