Birthdays, religious festivals and clothing

If you are in care, you may receive money for birthdays, religious festivals and clothing. The amount you get can depend on a number of factors. 

Religious festivals

The amount of money that you will get for your birthday and religious festival (such as Christmas, Eid etc.) will depend on the rules Children’s Services has and the rules of your foster carers or children’s home. Sometimes how much it is depends on your age.


When you are young your carers are in charge of getting your clothes so the money will be paid to them, as you get older they may give it to you to be responsible for buying your clothes.

Some Children’s Services will set an amount that should be spent on you but sometimes this is decided by your carers.

You should always have:

  • Enough clothes and shoes that are in good condition (so not full of rips and holes).
  • Clothes and shoes that are suitable for the time of year (for example, a thick coat for the winter).
  • School uniform.

If you have just come in to care and have very few clothes, your carers can ask Children’s Services for extra money to get you the things you need.