Will you keep what I say private?

All Coram Voice advocates work to the National Advocacy Standards. 

This means that we will keep all the information you share with us confidential (private) unless you agree to us sharing it with someone. 

When will we share information?

However, if you or another person is in danger we made need to tell someone. We will only need to say or do something if:

  • You ask us to.
  • We believe your life or someone else’s life is in danger.
  • You’re being hurt by someone in a position of trust who is able to hurt other children, such as a social worker, carer, teacher, religious leader, sports coach, police officer or doctor etc.
  • You tell us that you’re seriously hurting another person.
  • You tell us about another child who’s being hurt and is not able to tell someone or understand what is happening to them.

If we have to tell someone, we will always try to let you know and will help and support you with what you’re going through.

Privacy Notice

To find out more about what we do with the information you give us take a look at our Privacy Notice.