How long am I going to be here for?

If you go to emergency foster care, you will stay for up to six working days (Monday to Friday, not weekends). However, this doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t stay there longer. 

Before deciding if you will stay or move to somewhere new:

  • Your social worker should talk to you about what you want to happen.
  • If they are planning to move you again, they should ask you what you want to happen.
  • If there is time, you should be able to visit the place you will be moving to.

It is important that the best plans for you are made quickly, to make sure your education is not affected and you are still able to see your family and friends.

Children’s Services don’t have to arrange a LAC review meeting for you but your social worker, Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) and other professionals should be talking to each other to make sure that new plans are made as quickly as possible.