Meet Our Staff

Brigid Robinson, Managing Director

I run Coram Voice and am responsible for making sure the organisation does all the things we say we are going to do. I am passionate about the rights of children and young people in and leaving care, making sure their voices are heard and that they achieve their full potential. For me, the key to making the care system better is to put the voices of children and young people at the heart – that’s why I love running Coram Voice.



Andrew Dickie, Head of Services

I have the great job of leading Coram Voice’s national advocacy service Always Heard and the children’s rights services that we provide across the country. The best thing about my role is that I get to work with the advocates and other children’s rights’ champions who do so much to support children and young people every day.




Linda Briheim-Crookall, Head of Policy and Practice

I manage the Policy and Practice Development team at Coram Voice and lead on a range of projects including  the Bright Spots work, Voices and A National Voice.





Pauline Robins, Midlands Service Manager and National Development Lead

I am responsible for a wide range of services nationally including community advocacy and independent visiting, visiting advocacy in secure, mental health settings and children’s homes. I particularly enjoy developing our visiting advocacy services.