Independent Persons for Secure Accommodation Reviews

Coram Voice is the main provider of Independent Persons for Secure Reviews in England and Wales. Our Independent Persons are experts in Secure Accommodation Panels, they have been selected, trained and DBS checked in accordance with Coram Voice’s rigorous procedures and ensure that the young person’s wishes and feelings are represented. If you are in need of a professional for this purpose, please find a link to our referral form below.


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If you need an Independent Person for a Secure Accommodation Review, please fill in and submit the referral form above. For any other queries, you can email or call 020 7833 5792.

This good practice guide has been developed as a reference tool for professionals involved in Secure Accommodation Reviews for young people held in secure accommodation for welfare reasons, under Section 25 of the Children Act 1989.

This document provides a clear step-by-step guide, which is compliant with the relevant legislation. It includes a wealth of experience developed over a number of years by Coram Voice’s own Independent Persons as well as examples of good practice supplied by local authorities and secure homes from around the country.

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