Pocket money

There isn’t any specific law about receiving pocket money while in care, but there are some basic rules that have to be followed.

Will I get pocket money if I am in care?

If you are in care, your children’s services will arrange for you to get weekly pocket money. The amount you get will depend on how old you are. You can find out how much you should be getting by talking to you carer or social worker.  The money will be given to your carer or residential worker to give to you each week.

How can I spend my pocket money?

There might be some rules about what you can spend your pocket money on. It will depend on your age, the house rules where you live and the rules that Children’s Services set.

If you want to save some of your pocket money you can ask your carer to help you set up a savings account

Can my pocket money be taken away from me?

The law says carers shouldn’t stop your pocket money if you have done something wrong. They can use some of your pocket money to help replace or repair something if you have caused any damage in the house.

No matter how much pocket money you receive, it should not be used to cover the cost of things that your carers should provide for you like food, clothes and toiletries.

I’m not getting my pocket money

If you are not getting any pocket money or you don’t think you are getting what you should, find out what Children’s Services say in their rules. You can get this on their website or you can ask your social worker.