My rights as a former relevant child

If you are a relevant child, the law says that Children’s Services must:

  • Support you up to age 25.
  • Provide you with a Personal Adviser (PA).
  • Review your Pathway Plan.
  • Help you with money for your work, education or training.
  • Give you a Setting Up Home Allowance, or a Leaving Care Grant, to help you set up in a new home. The Government says this should be worth at least £3,000.
  • Provide or pay for accommodation during college or university holidays if you are studying away from home.
  • Contribute towards living expenses near to your job, education or training.
  • Give you a £2,000 grant if you are in higher education.
  • Provide you with other financial support where necessary.
  • Keep in touch with you.
  • Visit you regularly.

Children’s Services may:

  • Consider making a contribution to post-graduate courses.
  • Help you to find financial support and resources to help you to undertake post graduate study.

You are expected to claim benefits or apply for a student loan in same way as any other young person.

It is important that your Pathway Plan sets out your programme of education if you are aged over 21.

There is no set age for this support to end. What matters is when you finish your studies or training.