Children on a Care Order

If you are on a care order, this means that Children’s Services went to court and a judge decided you should be in care.

As a result, this means that Children’s Services are now legally allowed to make decisions about your care. This is called Children’s Services having parental responsibility.

What does a Care Order mean? 

If Children’s Services have a care order, it usually means there were lots of problems at home and Children’s Services were worried about how you were being looked after.

If things have changed a lot and your parents can show they can look after you and keep you safe, your social worker could agree for you to return home. This doesn’t happen very often.

Can I see my family if I am on a Care Order?

If you are on a care order and are missing your family, you can discuss spending more time with your family.

This might be easier than getting Children’s Services to agree for you to go home.