Why am I being moved so far away?

The law says, if it is possible, you must be placed near your home so you can stay in contact with friends and family.

If they want to move you far away they need to have really good reason.

Some of the reasons for moving you far away are:

  • To keep you safe.
  • They think that if you are close to certain people they might hurt you.
  • They think you are doing things that put you at risk where you are living now and moving you might help you to stop doing these things.
  • They can’t find the best placement for you in your local area.
  • You need extra help with a disability or at school and they can’t find anywhere that can give you that help in your local area.

If you are being moved far away, your social worker has to talk to your family before the decision is made. This is because it may change how often you can see them.