Dudley’s Children in Care Council, M.A.D., wanted to communicate what children
and young people enjoy doing with their social worker. They also wanted to share
how social workers can develop positive and meaningful relationships with
children and young people.

What did they do?

Members of M.A.D children in care council consulted with children aged 8-10 and young people aged 11-18 about what a ‘superhero social worker’ looks like.
Members of M.A.D asked children and young people, at events organized across the summer, ‘what do you enjoy doing with your social worker?’ and ‘how would you rate your social worker?

M.A.D grouped responses into common themes and worked with a graphic designer to create the ‘Dear Social Worker’ poster and leaflet to let
all social workers know what children and young people enjoy doing with their social workers. They have also created a video which is shared with new
social workers and ASYE during their induction.


M.A.D felt that they had been listened to and gave clear ideas of what their social workers could do with children and young people.

• M.A.D are planning a series of posters including ‘Dear foster
• This work was also included in ANV’s national report:

‘What children and young people wanted to say to the Care Review’