The LA simplified the care plan templates used at looked after reviews. The new plan has to be completed with the child rather than a document written by the social worker about the child. There was also a photo of each child.


Changes to the care plan were driven by Bright Spots findings that some children did not understand why they were in care and did not know their social worker.


We no longer do the child and family assessment plus your care plan. Instead
we have ‘My Life, My Way’ which encompasses it all …. It’s a very simple document… the child has to support the social worker in writing that… We encourage social workers to put a picture of the child in it. (Participation and
Development manager)


The LA reported that feedback from children had been positive.

The simple introduction of the child’s photo on the care plan was also identified as
making a difference.

Just to have that photo… it becomes a person rather than a name on a sheet somewhere.